So far, so good. Well, except for the fact that Key Foods doesn’t carry BUTTERMILK. Or I should say the Key Foods closest to my apartment. I hate that grocery store. Truly, Key Foods sucks. However, the incident pointed out one of the pitfalls of budgeted eating. Sometimes the cheapest solutions take the most time. And time is definitely worth something.

Instead of walking all the way to the Trader Joe’s and potentially waiting in a long line just for some butter and buttermilk, I went to the pricey grocery store up the street. I payed at least double for the butter as I would have at Trader Joe’s, but the 30 extra minutes for the cheap option wasn’t worth it, partially because the sky looked like it was about to open up. So unfortunately the cornbread I made was worth a little more than I thought it would be.

I also have to admit a little pang as I walked by the Haagen Dazs, because it is about 100% humidity in New York and there were so many happy people eating ice cream. But I figured if I bought some I would have to cop to it here, and I’m sure enough transgressions will come over the next few weeks. Day 2 didn’t seem the right time to throw one in!

Price breakdown for today:

Breakfast: Brown Bread = $.23 x 2 servings = $.46
I took a scone to work too….so another $.44
Lunch: Leftover Arroz con Pollo = $1.58 x 2 servings = $3.16
Snack: Grapefruit = $.50
Snack: Peanuts = $.45
Dinner: Black Bean Soup w/ fried egg and Cheddar Buttermilk Cornbread = $.74 + $.25 + $.38 x 2 = $2.74

Total for the day: $7.75

So yesterday I was under by $2, and today I was over by about $.60. Still OK.

Here’s the cost breakdown for the Cheddar-Buttermilk Cornbread I made to go with the black bean soup – for the full recipe click on the link to epicurious. And as a side note, I think everyone forever should put a fried egg on their black bean soup. It is so delicious!


Cheddar-Buttermilk Cornbread
via epicurious

1 c. Cheddar Cheese = $1
1 c. corn meal = $.25
1 c. flour = $.19
1/4 c. sugar = n/a
salt, baking soda, baking powder = n/a
2 eggs = $.50
1/2 stick butter = $1 (from the stupid expensive grocery store!)
1 c. buttermilk = $.50

Total = $3.44 / 9 servings = $.38 / serving