After my successful first week of feeding 2 people 3 meals a day for $50, I’m off to a rocky start.

Sunday was fine — I made more brown bread, and the lentil recipe I listed before. It made even more leftovers than I expected, so that is great.

Monday I made Jamaican Jerk Chicken (I used the other half of the bone-in, skin-on chicken I’d used for the Arroz con Pollo last week) and Fried Plantains (yum – and only 3 for a dollar). There was a enough left over for Brian’s lunch.

Then Tuesday was a little weird. I got a free lunch from work, and after work we went out to The Young and Hungry launch party, which featured some yummy food and drink. Also free. (Thanks guys, it was a blast!) Then at 10 pm, a group of us went to Broome Street Bar and ate Nachos. Aah, a healthy dinner. At least it only averaged to something like $6 for the two of us, so I guess it came out OK.

Tonight I plan on making a cold noodle salad with spicy peanut sauce — it’s way too humid out to be using the oven. Then because of the holiday weekend, there are going to be parties and outings, and I just don’t know if I’m going to have a solid meal plan that will work. I have other dishes I planned on making, but now the days are all screwed up and my three day weekend is beckoning to me.

Sigh. It really does feel like extenuating circumstances are more the norm than the “norm” is the norm….whatever that means. Noodle salad recipe plus prices for the jerk chicken & plantains to come later…