I just had to make something with cherries from the farmer’s market. I couldn’t keep walking by those baskets full to the brim of juicy fruit. I don’t recall being much of a cherry fan growing up, but I think cherries are one of my favorite fruits now, particularly in preserves or dried in granola. But ’tis the season for fresh cherry preparations, and I needed a recipe I could execute without spending $20 on cherries. I love them, but not that much. For inspiration, I turned to tarts.


A tart is really just a modest-sized pie, although the opportunity for cramming a lot of flavor into a very shallow pan is huge. I modified a recipe I found on epicurious for an almond raspberry tart (cue my obsession with almonds: now) and added a sour cream topping, to great effect. The crust is very buttery and delicate, and the almond portion of the filling is like marzipan (one of my favorites). Topped with stewed cherries and a lattice of more buttery pastry, the combination of the three elements is heavenly. I’ll admit the recipe is very labor intensive, but I had the day off work, so I had plenty of time on my hands. This would be a very impressive recipe to make for guests.

Tart recipe is here. The only modification I made was subbing the raspberries for 1 c. sweet cherries and 1 c. sour cherries (approximately 1 pint of cherries total). I imagine almost any berry or stone fruit would also be delicious here.


And finally, the sour cream topping was very simple:

1/2 c. whipping cream
1/4 c. sour cream
1 T. sugar

Whip the ingredients together until they form soft peaks. Serve on room temperature tart and devour!