I love pumpkin desserts. I’m always shocked when someone says they don’t like pumpkin pie. Pecan pie I understand, with its cloying, syrupy sweetness. But pumpkin? Spicy, creamy, not too sweet — it’s dangerous when there’s a pumpkin pie in the fridge. You never know when I’ll just stick my head in, wielding a knife, and swipe a little piece.

While it’s a little premature for a pumpkin pie, and I’m not in the habit of just casually baking pies for no particular occasion, pumpkin can be used in so many other ways. A few weeks ago I made this amazing bread recipe from Martha, that had wheat germ, bran, apples, dates, and spices. It was healthy but super delicious. It gave me an idea that maybe apples and pumpkin in a bread would be perfect. So faithful Google sent me to the Amateur Gourmet, and a recipe from the Gourmet cookbook for just that. Pumpkin apple bread.

You can find the recipe here, along with Adam’s ever-charming commentary. The only changes I made were to use gala apples (only ones on hand), cardamom instead of allspice, and just 2 c. sugar (although it could use even less, in my opinion). This bread is awesome. Super moist, lots of flavor, and chunks of apple all throughout. The topping gives it this crispy crunchy layer too. Soon enough it won’t be considered gluttonous to eat some pumpkin pie. Until then, I’ve got this bread.