Saying you’re making a “gratin” (especially if you pronounce it “gruh-taaaan”) sounds super fancy. Secretly, it’s not that hard. (sssh!) This particular gratin combines two of my favorite things: swiss chard and sweet potatoes. It even charmed Brian, a swiss chard skeptic. It’s a bit of work, what with the prep of the chard, the slicing of the sweet potatoes (I have no mandolin) and the making of the bechamel, but it’s worth it. This would be a fabulous vegetarian side for Thanksgiving. In fact, maybe I will make it again!

I got the recipe from smitten kitchen, and I have to say, I feel pretty lazy when I visit that site these days, because Deb, the proprietress of the blog, just had a baby and yet — and yet! — still manages to post lovely photos and delicious recipes. My many excuses for laziness pale in comparison.

I didn’t have any gruyere on hand, but I did have most of a log of goat cheese, so I substituted the cheese. I also used some sage in place of parsley — again, using ingredients I had on hand. I topped mine with a bit of parmeggiano reggiano for some color and tang. Here’s the recipe as posted on smitten kitchen. Enjoy!