It is May 11, and decidedly not popsicle weather. We were teased briefly a few weeks ago — I know, because I enjoyed a tangy rhubarb People’s Pop at the Brooklyn Flea in the gorgeous spring sun. But now we seem to have skipped straight to fall. Blustery, chilly…sweater weather, really. I know it’s only temporary, but I have popsicles on the brain.

Because popsicle molds are all so different, I can’t really give a recipe, but I can say: measure your mold (fill it with water and see how much it holds) and then just make your concoction. You can use anything from straight liquid to a more smoothie / milkshake consistency to make delicious popsicles. These were made from frozen strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and a touch of pomegranate juice I had sitting in my fridge. I was going to try strawberry and basil as a bit of an experiment, but chickened out.

In any case, practice your combos now — you’ll want a freezer-ful once the real hot weather hits!