This half-written post has been sitting in my drafts for a very long time now. I have been struggling with how to write about this salad, or whether to even include a recipe. Here’s the problem: I have a love-hate relationship with quinoa. I keep thinking I’ll just break it off for good, never to return to that curly grain, and then I see a recipe that looks amazing and I fall for it all over again. And then I regret it when it ends up a soggy mess.

Maybe I am not good at prepping quinoa, that’s possible. Or maybe I keep convincing myself that because it’s good for me I’ll like it. It looks nice, doesn’t it? I modified and merged a couple recipes from 101 Cookbooks to get to this particular salad. When I first made my quinoa it looked promising — fluffy and dry. I dressed it with an avocado-lime dressing, made in the blender with some plain yogurt. And I think that’s when it went south. I had sauteed corn, red bell peppers, zucchini and onion to add to the mix and topped it with goat cheese and pepitas. But it was….bland. Maybe I undersalted it, I don’t know. Sometimes, no amount of goat cheese can save a recipe.

File this one under “try again” — I think it needs some spice and a tangier dressing to overcome its quinoa-ness. I’m sure I’ll be buying a bag of this grain soon enough, and trying something new. Hopefully next time, my efforts won’t be in vain.