I didn’t manage to fully document the day of cooking. I’ll be honest, lighting and taking pictures while dealing with not enough surface area in your kitchen, washing the same dishes 10 times, and trying not to burn /ruin anything is a tall order. Once again, we made an obscene amount of food for 5 people, but hey, I’m going to live on those leftovers for the next 4 days so it’ll be perfect. I am definitely a sneak-a-bit-of-pie-with-the-fridge-door-open-and-no-utensils kind of person and not ashamed.

You’d think that all the cooking I’ve done in the last couple of weeks (most of which undocumented here) would leave me longing for take-out and slices of pizza and no dishes. But honestly, it’s made me want to cook more. Particularly, as is the theme of this blog, for the purpose of sharing. It’s the best kind of satisfaction to make something from scratch to enjoy with friends and loved ones. I’ve got some browned butter cranberry muffins on the docket if we’ve still got cranberry sauce around in a couple of days, and pizza with chard and goat cheese and chili oil too. I’ve got salted caramels on the brain and fresh baked bread and roasted squash. If there’s one thing that’s a-okay about the impending cold, it’s that I’ll be more than happy to be cozied up at home leaning over a hot stove with a glass of wine in hand.

So here’s to baking season, to the holidays (as much as they stress us out) and to not forgetting to be thankful all the time, not just when there’s a turkey in the oven. It may sound trite, but when everyone is saying how thankful they are in their facebook status updates, it can’t seem that off-kilter!