Last Thursday, I took my first cooking class ever. Tamar Adler, who wrote An Everlasting Meal, was teaching in Gowanus at the Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center. Because I am absolutely smitten with her book, I signed up immediately for the egg cookery class after meeting her at an event. How could you go wrong with eggs!

I was expecting to have a good time, but I wasn’t sure what the format of the class would be, or how much I’d actually learn, you know? Not because I’m the most technically perfect cook in the world, but because I spend a great deal of time reading about food, cooking food, and watching other people make food. I’d even made shakshuka before (though my technique was slightly different), which was one of the dishes on the menu. But I’ll say, I came away feeling like I learned a lot. Like adding a few drops of lemon juice on top of softly scrambled eggs, or taking the germ out of garlic to remove the bitter part. I’ve been smashing my garlic to hell all this time, but this is a much more civilized method! You cut off the root end with a paring knife, peel the garlic from that end, then slice it in half. You’ll see the little germ growing through the center, which is then easy to remove.

This dish was inspired wholly by Tamar — garlicky greens with olive oil topped with scrambled eggs and a shaving of parmesan. Even her egg scrambling technique was wonderful to watch. Add butter and olive oil in a pan over medium heat (one lesson: don’t be afraid of fat!). Add eggs that have been beaten in a bowl. Continuously stir and scramble with a rubber spatula, shaking the pan, and let them cook slowly, slowly. Take them off the heat before they look 100% done — they’ll finish cooking off the heat, just like any other protein like fish or meat that you don’t want to end up rubbery and tough. In class she added flaked Maldon sea salt, black pepper, a squeeze of lemon, and a handful of cilantro. Transcendent!