And here I present post number two inspired by my cooking class last week: a frittata! I hope you can imagine me rolling my r like a sassy Italian when I say that…because I am.

I’ve made frittatas before, but apparently, sort of incorrectly. I think Americans go heavy on the egg and light on the ingredients, but we were instructed to aim for the inverse. Lots of filling, just enough egg to bind it all together. Another tip: no cheese inside the frittata. On top? Great. Inside? Not so much. Third tip: keep it at room temperature, on your counter, even for a day or two. This is another national disease — refrigerating everything! How many years did it take me to learn that refrigerating tomatoes removes all of their flavor? Too many!

This particular frittata was a mash-up of two we made in class: one with kale, and a tortilla española with potatoes. Process / recipe(ish) after the jump.

I cut some little waxy potatoes into bite-sized chunks, and put them in a small pot covered with cold water. I brought them to a boil and cooked them until they were super tender, drained them, and then coated them generously with olive oil and seasoned them with salt. Then, I sauteed some chopped up kale in olive oil with a ton of garlic, over medium-low heat. Once it was nice and tender, I let it cool, chopped it up some more (so as not to interfere with biting into the frittata). I whisked 6 eggs in a bowl and then added probably 2-3 cups of potatoes and a cup of kale…but don’t quote me on those quantities! Just go for density.

Then I heated a few tablespoons of olive oil in a non-stick pan and when it was good and sizzly I added the eggs. Don’t let the eggs cook too quickly though, so adjust the heat if necessary. After cooking on the stovetop for several minutes (until it was pretty set up around the edges) I topped it with dollops of fresh ricotta and transferred it to a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes. Let it cool before you eat it! That’s really the hardest part.