I was looking through the retrospective of Kenji’s Vegan Experience on Serious Eats (a month of vegan recipes), when I came across what looked to be a very tasty vegan empañada recipe. And then I realized: I’ve never made empañadas before! Which was obviously silly of me because they are delicious and sometimes I love overly complicated weeknight meals. This recipe definitely references potato samosas flavor-wise, with the curry powder and cilantro. But, the capers and chipotle make it something entirely unique, tangy, a touch spicy, and altogether scrumptious. Also: who doesn’t like homemade dough?

I didn’t use Kenji’s dough recipe because it had vegetable shortening instead of butter (him being on a vegan diet and all), so I found this one from Epicurious, which was perfect for 12 large-ish empanadas.

Other changes I made: I used 1/2 of a jalapeño instead of a bird chili in the cilantro sauce, I included one small sweet potato with the potatoes because it was wrinkling up before my eyes and I wanted to save it, and instead of the chipotle in adobo, I used the ketchup to end all ketchups, Sir Kensington’s — the Spiced flavor of course (2 heaping tablespoons). I ended up with some extra filling but the great thing is, it’s like super flavorful semi-mashed potatoes. So it was perfect for lunch today with leftover salad: spinach, fennel, red peppers, feta and sunflower seeds.

Here’s Kenji’s recipe, including the vegan dough if you’re so inclined!