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A friend of mine runs the Turtle Bay CSA, and asked me to stop by during their distribution tonight and share some recipes. I was thrilled, in part because of the reality TV-like challenge of it: I found out what was going to be in today’s share box last night, and came up with these recipes in the meantime. The stress! The pressure! OK, not really. Here’s the beautiful thing. Seasonal veggies are so easy to cook with. You know they’re going to be the ultimate tasty versions of themselves, so why mess with them too much?

Beets and carrots make a great raw salad, and what I realized was that I could make a second recipe out of the beet greens and carrot tops. So: beet & carrot salad and beet green & carrot top frittata (with zucchini). Done and done.

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Last week I heard from a lovely representative of Holton Farms in Westminster, Vermont. They’re launching their own version of a CSA program (community supported agriculture) that’s called “CSA Select”. I’ve been thinking of joining a CSA for some time now, but part of my hesitation has always been the idea of getting a big box full of turnips and cabbage and letting it go to waste. I’m only cooking for two, and it’s easy to let produce go rotten if you’re not paying attention. That’s why I’m letting you know about this CSA — it’s totally customizable. You pay in advance for the season (May 17 – November 21) and then you can order as you please from their hundred-plus items — fruit, veggies, meats, dairy, eggs and more. There’s just a $35 minimum per order and they have tons of drop-off locations across boroughs.

Another thing I love is that they have a farm stand in East Harlem that accepts food stamps and WIC cards…anyone actively helping to reduce the prevalence of inner city “food deserts” is doing good in my book. A portion of the proceeds from the CSA go toward subsidizing the farm stand costs.

So…I bring to you a special discount offer from Holton Farms! 5% off for you, my lovely readers, with this code: HFSHARINGFD. You already get a bonus just for signing up, so you’re really getting even more value for your dollar with the discount code. Check out their website for details, drop-off locations, etc. or follow them on Twitter @holtonfarms.


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