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img_1616My secret shame is that I went to acting school and I hate improv. I should clarify: I hate improve games. I can’t be funny under pressure, and I’m terrible at coming up with pithy one-liners. Plus bad improv makes me want to slit my wrists, but I digress. Improvising food is another story. I love it, and I think it comes from my dad. He likes just taking whatever’s around and making good food out of it.

Since I was bitching about bad pre-made chicken stock in my earlier post, I figured I had to make some today. And since I was going to have some fresh chicken stock, the easiest meal to make was a soup. I decided on a vegetable bean soup with Italian flavors (I’m calling it Italian White Bean Soup with Veggies) – cannellini beans, tomatoes, rosemary, sage, thyme, and lots of roasted garlic. That’s along with the usual suspects: carrots, celery and onion (fancy food word of the day: mirepoix, which refers to these three vegetables used as a flavor base in French cooking). I decided to throw a zucchini and kale in there for more veggie power. Top it with some grated parmeggiano reggiano cheese (not from a green canister!) and serve with a slice of buttered crusty bread toasted under the broiler. Holy crap it’s good. I know it sounds like too many veggies. IT’S NOT. Seriously I love this soup so much I want to marry it. What am I, 12?

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